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Whilst we're not into opening and closing our doors here at Thrive, we're busy making a few changes. Doors re-open 01.03.22. Visitors are welcome to attend our events in the meantime. If you'd like to be kept up to date on when our members club re-opens, drop your details below.

Hi, I'm Sam and I'm the founder of Thrive Collective.

As a female business owner I knew what I was looking for when it came to finding a place to network, to meet like minded women in business, a space to learn to grow and of course to Thrive. But I couldn't find what I was looking for. I wanted to mingle, I needed flexibility and I wanted to attend a group where every woman was welcome. I couldn't find anything locally - so that's why I started Thrive Collective!  

I believe in Community over Competition and creating opportunities to empower women. Thrive Collective host monthly groups for women in business, wherever they be on their journey to connect, collaborate, learn and Thrive together. We are all here to support each other to build each other up and be a helping hand whenever it’s needed.  

I look forward to meeting you at one of the Thrive Collective events in the future.



Connect & Collaborate

For two hours a month, we'll spend time connecting with women in the room. Every business owner needs a supporting network of people that just get it. 

Working on your own business can be quite lonely, and sometimes finding someone to be able to chat to, to bounce ideas off can bring amazing results. 

Connecting with the right people, will help you want to succeed and to find people to be supported by and with. Meaningful business and changes will happen - but nothing is forced or guaranteed.  

Learn & Thrive 

Every single month I invite a guest speaker to join us on key areas in business. They’ll spend 30 minutes sharing as much as they can on their specialist area.  

This will include marketing, social media, branding & messaging, growing your business, confidence, resilence and business wellbeing. Something you’re keen to know about but it's not on that list? Ask me…I’ll bring in a guest speaker!