Welcome to Thrive Collective

  •  Are you a woman who runs her own business and who loves meeting other like-minded ambitious women? 
  •  Do you enjoy getting out of your regular environment to expand your network and your business?  
  •  Do you miss conversations 'around the watercooler' and know that a problem shared is a problem solved? It can be isolating running your own business. We get it 
  • Are you looking at investing your time to increase your knowledge and confidence in key areas in business at regular events? 
  • Are you looking for relaxed networking events that says no to stuffiness and have 'lock out policies'?

If you've answered yes to these questions then please, let us introduce you to the Thrive Collective.

And I'm excited to share that finally, we will be returning to our in-person networking from September 2021.

All our events are for Members. Of course visitors are warmly welcomed to our virtual events and in-person events. You're welcome to visit twice before deciding if Thrive is for you.


Evening Virtual Meet Up. November Wednesday 24th >>


Online or In-Person...take your pick

Every month we meet twice online (daytime and evening) on Zoom for 1.5 hours to connect, collaborate, learn and thrive together.

Members - Your tickets are included in your Membership.

Visitors are welcome. £10 per visit.

We are starting to return in person from September 2021. Keep an eye on our events page here or on Facebook or Instagram.

Hi, I'm Sam and I'm the founder of Thrive Collective.

As a female business owner I knew what I was looking for when it came to finding a place to network, to meet like minded women in business, a space to learn to grow and of course to Thrive. But I couldn't find what I was looking for. I wanted to mingle, I needed flexibility and I wanted to attend a group where every woman was welcome. I couldn't find anything locally - so that's why I started Thrive Collective!  

I believe in Community over Competition and creating opportunities to empower women. Thrive Collective host monthly groups for women in business, wherever they be on their journey to connect, collaborate, learn and Thrive together. We are all here to support each other to build each other up and be a helping hand whenever it’s needed.  

I look forward to meeting you at one of the Thrive Collective events in the future.



Connect & Collaborate

For two hours a month, we'll spend time connecting with women in the room. Every business owner needs a supporting network of people that just get it. 

Working on your own business can be quite lonely, and sometimes finding someone to be able to chat to, to bounce ideas off can bring amazing results. 

Connecting with the right people, will help you want to succeed and to find people to be supported by and with. Meaningful business and changes will happen - but nothing is forced or guaranteed.  

Learn & Thrive 

Every single month I invite a guest speaker to join us on key areas in business. They’ll spend 30 minutes sharing as much as they can on their specialist area.  

This will include marketing, social media, branding & messaging, growing your business, confidence, resilence and business wellbeing. Something you’re keen to know about but it's not on that list? Ask me…I’ll bring in a guest speaker!  

Whether we're online or in person, this is a general idea of what you can expect from a Thrive Collective Meet Up

Each month, our two hours (or 1.5 when online), will be packed with introductions, ideas and inspiration to help enrich your business. 

Arrival Welcome drink and time for casual networking or half an hour. We'll start by every one around the room sharing who they are and their business name (There are no 60 seconds introductions but it's nice to know who's there). Time to mingle and chat with your fellow women in business. 

30 minutes Guest Speaker. Take a seat and prepare to receive all kinds of help in your business.

Followed by Watercooler moment. Remember those days at work? You'd chat at the watercooler and ask for help and be given ideas from your colleagues? Well let's create those watercooler moments. We'll have two requests from ladies in the room who need help in their business.

Final half hour Casual networking.

Don't just take my word for it. Have a read of what others have to say about attending a Thrive Collective gathering.

"I love Sam's meet up in Bishop Stortford, I met some really welcoming ladies (I'm new to networking) and learnt heaps from the guest speaker, can't wait for the next one". Lauren Derrett, founder of Wear Em Out

"The idea of networking hadn’t even crossed my mind until I met Sam, yet I have found the meet ups to be so invaluable. The connections made with other like-minded women, a local network of support for everything I may need in my business, and great guest speakers each month have all given me a great deal of help and insight into expanding my business and make it run more efficiently". Emma Osbourne, founder of Hushaboo Night Nanny and Sleep Consultant

"Thrive Meet Ups are a great opportunity to meet many of the virtual Thrivers face to face. There’s always a great presentation and no hideous 1 minute elevator pitches". Rebecca Day, Founder of Day HR Consultants.

"It is a room full of genuine, hardworking, inspiring business women! It is such a supporting environment and I learnt so much! " Jo Patel, owner of Phonics Stars Bishop's Stortford.

"My first ever Thrive Meetup = A welcoming group of women from various businesses; a guest speaker with useable tips & interesting Q&As plus a chance to Network and Swap Ideas / Contacts. A supportive atmosphere too!" Rosalyn Gail, founder of YogaRos.